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tv   Global 3000  LINKTV  March 20, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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lie. no, not quite, okay? but there's one thing about the car i always wanted to see change. that's the windshield wiper. how do you get the rain off of your windshield? [makes sounds] there's got to be a better way than that. and i've been waiting and waiting and waiting to see what is gonna get the rain off the window. and when you see these great, big 747s come in, or you see the space shuttle come in, do you know how the space shuttle gets its rain off the windows, gang? [makes sounds] [laughter] they still have the same kind of windshield wipers. isn't that something? someday, someone's gonna come up with something that's gonna makes the windshield wiper obsolete. and they will say, "oh, remember, "they used to get the rain off the window "with the windshield wipers? they don't do that now. now they have a--" the one who finds out gonna be rich. what is it, gang? here's your challenge.
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class project: think of a device that's better than a rubber windshield wiper, okay? i've been watching for years for it to come, hasn't come yet. i wanted to talk about, like the doppler effect and the sonic boom and shockwaves and--waves. but we don't have enough time now. we'll do that next time. okay, gang? catch you then. [music] captioning performed by aegis rapidtext
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welcome to another session of beliefs and believers. as you can tell, we have guests for this, which we're certainly happy to have cynthia jones and patricia storm from diana's grove - and they're going to help us out in our quest to understand earth-centered spirituality, masculine/feminine qualities that are balanced, focus on the land, and a lot of other interesting things as we look at primal religion, and also we might say the recovery of some primal religious characteristics,


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